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Study online voice lessons using our VocaLoop® Patented Technology. Available for use on desktop, tablet and mobile applications.

Personalized and dynamic exercises created for you during each online lesson are available anywhere, anytime for practice.



Spontaneous Vocal Exercises

Vocal Training using vocal exercises has been the key since before the golden age of Bel Canto to unlock your vocal potential and build solid technique. Traditionally, a voice teacher plays vocal exercises for the student to practice and improve their singing. In the online world however, audio lag makes conducting vocal exercises for a student difficult and frustrating when using the majority of online teaching mediums currently available.  With all of that changes! We give teachers the ability to dynamically create and project vocal exercises from their keyboard to a remote student as if they were together even if they are miles apart.  Plus, we add a bonus that each exercise is saved in the lesson history and available for practice, study, and review....ONLINE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

Vocaloop® PATENTED Technology

Keyboard Exercise Creator

Our keyboard instrument technology has granted us a pending patent that we believe will change the face of online voice training. The education community is already embracing distance education over the internet and is leading the way in providing the best technology available for vocal training online. Our VocaLoop® Technology provides vocal accompaniment for any vocal exercise using rhythmic repeating patterns in a loop, with absolute key changes, just like in a face to face lesson, without the audio lag.

U.S. Patent No. 10,008,190
U.S. Patent No. 10,410,614

online. anywhere, anytime Practice App

We make Vocal Warm-up and Practice simple and easy! Vocal Exercises are saved and archived for each and every student to practice between lessons.  Students can save their favorites, enable better practice sessions and continually improve their voice. [According to Deloitte, "On average, people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day"]. So now you have no excuse not to practice your vocal exercises!

02 Online Lessons


Develop your voice from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Expand your network and access top teachers from NY, LA, and more.

Avoid bad traffic, lost commute time, and stormy weather conditions.

Practice app allows you to help build vocal skills even faster!

video recording

Made simple for Teachers and Students.  Skype, Hangouts, and Facetime don't have the ability to record each voice lesson. Zoom on the other hand can record, but it's not easy to share large files between teacher and student- let alone view it on your mobile phone and have it automatically show up in your practice and lesson history. What other programs don't provide, does!

full duplex audio

Both Teacher and Singer can be heard at the same time.  This is a HUGE plus for anyone who is trying to teach online.  Tired of repeating yourself? Think your student just heard what you said because you tried to give them instructions while they were singing?  Worry no more, we support full duplex so both participants can freely work in your online lesson just like you do in real live lessons.

03 Vocal Exercises

Just Right Now (JRN)

vocal exercises

Just Right Now (JRN) involves a targeted, personalized approach to conducting vocal exercises, exercises that are tailored to give you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.  Your voice is different everyday. Some days you make lots of progress with your vocal routine, while other days the same warm-up or regimen can sound completely different.  The body is an instrument in which everything; emotions, sleep, diet, exercise, and environment, all play a vital role into how your voice is going to perform.'s Just Right Now personalized approach to teaching allows our teachers to determine what you need most at that moment in order to create the right exercises to stimulate and direct your voice on a consistent basis.

Tried vocal exercises before but they didn’t work for you? Well we think that’s not your fault.  The process of leading and guiding a voice using a rhythmic alignment of patterns and various exercises on arrangements of scales, pitches, vowels, and consonants at various tempos for specific durations of time; gives way to an infinite number of vocal combinations that can unlock and tap into your unique voice to build and complete your natural god-given instrument and unlock your potential.  It can take both time for results to appear and a voice teacher to match up the exercises that can develop and strengthen your voice, some teachers give all the students the same exercises, and some teachers don't use exercises at all… But with, we believe you need you own vocal exercises at the very moment you are ready to sing - the "Just Right Now" Vocal Exercises.

Why Study Online?

Centered on Vocal Exercises
Centered on Vocal Exercises

Voice training based on singing scales, arpeggios, trills, leaps, and many more.  Master the basic skills in your voice training by singing along with piano accompaniment. The process of hearing pitches and then singing them in your own voice improves ear training and can balance your vocal production one note at a time.

Personalized Warm-ups
Personalized Warm-ups

Following a standard routine you can trust before a practice, performance, or audition can be helpful to get your voice ready for peak levels. Working with a voice coach to create alternative vocal exercises can provide options to handle your present vocal growth for students of any status.


Our platform provides audio clarity, video quality, and cloud recordings so students can access top voice teaches and vocalcoaches from Los Angeles, New York, and more.  Eliminate traffic commutes and avoid wacky weather conditions that can interrupt your regular lessons and study. is Anywhere, Anytime!

Time Savings
Time Savings

It's easy to overlook how much time you may spend driving to and from your lessons but it can add up quickly.  Even a short 20-30 minute drive each way for a weekly lesson can be over 3-4 hours per month.  It's not how much can I save that you should be asking?  It's what else can I do to make faster progress towards your goals!

Expand Network
Expand Network

Who you study in your voice studio today is who you will be performing on stage with tomorrow! Make sure you get connected with the top teachers and don't let geographical boundaries limit your potential to develop your talents!

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Everyone has the potential to sing and share their unique voice with the world! is here to help! Start your vocal journey today!

Collaboration to Cultivate the Best Voices

The unique position that both a Choir Director and a Voice Teacher have in common is they share the privilege of cultivating the vocal growth and development of their student singers.  It can be a challenge to provide personalized vocal instruction to each individual choir singer for the already overworked (and underpaid) Choir Director. Let us help. We can provide individualized instruction to singers to support your efforts. In addition, our voice teachers have outstanding backgrounds in Music Education and Vocal Pedagogy to allow them to focus on specific abilities or concerns in your students to help them to grow in their vocal performance.

Send your favorite, your best, or even your problem singers to and enjoy a better sounding choir in no time!

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