Collaboration to Cultivate the Best Voices

The unique position that both a Choir Director and a Voice Teacher have in common is they share the privilege for cultivating the vocal growth and development of their student singers.  It can be a challenge to provide personalized vocal instruction to each individual choir singer for the already overworked (and underpaid) Choir Director. Let us help. We can provide individualized instruction to singers to support your efforts. In addition, our vocal coaches have outstanding backgrounds in Music Education and Vocal Pedagogy to allow them to focus on specific abilities or concerns in your students to help them to grow in their vocal performance.

Send your favorite, your best, or even your problem singers to and enjoy a better sounding choir in no time!

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Hallelujah! No Cookie Dough! Choir Fundraiser!

That’s right, selling cookie dough isn’t the only way to raise money for your choir (although we love eating cookies!).  Now you can provide a great vocal training platform for all the students in your choir while at the same time raising money for your choral program!

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