A Breathy Beginning OR A Violent Beginning

Unhealthy sensations related to the improper launching of a tone are either:

  1. the feel of beginning to sing with a breathiness first, or
  2. with a slamming together of the vocal cords first.  

This means that the moving muscle and moving air are not in sync with either the breath escaping first (breathy beginning) or the muscle closing first (violent beginning) with the breath blowing the cords open and them slamming together.  

If we think of a loose airplane analogy, then it would be like we never really come into contact with the step or platform (breathy beginning), or like we smack into the step (violent beginning). Either way, not a smooth balanced launch. And, if the beginning is incorrect our “airplane” wobbles as long as it flies until eventually it crashes and burns.  

Allen Rascoe

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