Voice Training

Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice

by Mike Elson in Basic Skills, Beginners, Tips on March 13, 2022

Your voice has the potential to be an amazing instrument. You don’t need to pack it in a bag, load it in a van, or ...

10 Vocal Warm-ups to Change the Way You Sing

by Mike Elson in Exercises, Warmups on March 8, 2022

Any singer or vocal performer will swear by their daily routine of vocal warm-ups; from their lip trills to their breathing – the adage that ...

All You Need to Know About Kid’s Singing Lessons

by Mike Elson in Beginners on May 7, 2018

Some children love to be little performers so it seems only natural to sign them up for kid's singing lessons. Enjoyment from basic singing lessons ...

Do Online Voice Lessons Actually Work?

by Mike Elson in Online Lessons, Students on April 16, 2018

So, you are wondering if online voice lessons actually work. Remember, the internet is changing the way we live in many ways. Now, information on ...