Breathing Used For Emotion

In singing, the emotion as heard by the listener is due to a complex interaction of factors.  These factors are:

  1. facial expressions,
  2. bodily gestures and movement,
  3. sound colors, and of basic importance
  4. the way in which we are able to move air including how we catch the breath and toss it as a feel.  

Of course, the feel of moving the air around is done with our imagination and conscious mind which sends appropriate command information to the subconscious. All must be well tuned pre-phonatorily which means that functional vocal work is done correctly over and over so as to condition the muscles to healthily respond.  Then, the subconscious mind will accomplish the feat; calling upon and energizing muscles which give us the feel of air being shaped in a way that we can move around according to our imagination. This shaped air becomes soundwaves infused with mental nervous energy that reflects to the listener a sound full of emotional content.

Allen Rascoe

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