Claim the Extremes

The middle of the voice is very important.  This particular texture of sound appears when vocal muscles are balanced.  We always return to this middle, to home base.

Yet, as important as the middle is, the extremes of the voice are also needed so that we are able to have full access to our vocal range for expressive purposes.  

These highest and lowest pitches must be visited so that our muscles and mind learn what it is to sing these pitches. The extremes of the range require particular kinds of balance. This is an extension of the balance achieved that gives us the middle texture.  But, this will still feel different as our cords are adjusted to be either at their largest or smallest.

We claim the extremes.  We visit.  We ultimately find that we can spend more time in the extremes as our muscles develop.  We experience an increase in fine-tuned coordination; allowing us to sing in the extremes with comfortability.

Allen Rascoe

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