Falsetto Dominated Registration

One type of registration close to ideal is called Falsetto Dominated Registration.  

This is not a perfectly balanced registration. However, it is still a very desirable state in which to find oneself as a singer.  

In this type of registration, the stretcher muscle (crico-thyroid) that is responsible for producing the texture of sound called “falsetto” is very active.  The “falsetto” is the default controller of vocal muscular balance. The “chest” is still very active too, doing its right job, but allowing the “falsetto” to take the lead.  

The qualities that emerge are those of lightness, an easier movement with flexibility and agility, and a range that is pretty extensive as there is good stretching going on. We feel like we are vocally more free, and do not have to work so hard; getting more sound with less effort.

Allen Rascoe

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