“Falsetto Voice Is For Girls”

A common myth is that only women have a falsetto voice, or that men do not use this voice due to its so-called “feminine” qualities.  

Actually, this was a common myth during the last 150 years but now it is becoming much more acceptable, especially in the popular music world, to utilize the falsetto voice.  That being acknowledged, all people have a falsetto voice. All people should definitely sing in this voice because of its importance as “half the voice.”

What is called falsetto is actually a texture of sound that is heard when the crico-thyroid muscle system is active, either on its own or in some sort of dominant coordination with the arytenoid muscle system.  We will know this texture by going from the regular voice at the bottom (chest), singing a bit higher, and breaking or yodeling into a lighter voice.

Falsetto develops and coordinates with the “chest,” and we get the “full voice” – both muscles balanced and working together.

The falsetto is responsible for allowing us to sing higher and lower because it regulates pitch. Without falsetto, then we absolutely cannot sing on pitch properly, nor can we have a true full voice that is balanced and healthy.  

Falsetto is for all people. It is a muscle responsible for singers being “on pitch.” It is needed for the whole voice to emerge.

Allen Rascoe

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