Inadequate Facial Muscles

Oh my!  The common vocal issue of a droopy face.  

I am reminded of the cartoon with “Droopy Dog” who always sounded so sad.  Or maybe if that was before your time, then we could think of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh as the character who would represent a droopy face.  Well, then the cure would be to smile and show some teeth.  Not exactly.

The face sagging is a result, a reflection on the outside of what is happening on the inside.  When the face is sagging, what is heard is a sound that is under pitch. As the internal vocal conditions are good with one being right on top of the pitch step, the cheeks are slightly lifted and there is a sense of a little smile.  

Now, we can assist the inside condition. The cheeks slightly lifted in a little smile is an outside action that can jump start the inside process with encouragement to be correct. The little smile acts like scaffolding that guides construction, and after awhile is no longer needed for the vocal house is well built.  The face will be not droopy but lifted in response to good internal conditions. The student does not even think about it, it just is – lifted and buoyant.

Allen Rascoe

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