Lighter As Ascending

As we move from the first floor of the vocal home into the second floor, we feel as if we are walking up and back a staircase – like stepping up a staircase backwards.  As we do so, the steps seem to get smaller.

All of this feel is an effect or symptom of what is actually taking place in the larynx as the vocal cords are being properly adjusted by the closer and stretcher muscle systems for the particular pitch.  As there is less of the cords vibrating to produce these upper pitches, we feel smaller, taller, lighter, thinner, up, and back as we step up the stairs.

This feel is like weight dropping off. We might experience this as floating, or like we have let go and are released to travel to the top.  This feel of lightness, of less weight as ascending the scale, is what we should be feeling; a symptom of the voice working right!

Allen Rascoe

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