Raspy And Hoarse

An unhealthy sensation is when we are raspy and hoarse.  

This feel can be the result of us being sick with a cold which will go away with no worries.  Or this feel can be caused by unhealthy vocal muscle function.

When the voice is functioning properly, there should be no feel of rasp or hoarseness or loss of voice with a whisper being all that is available.  

If we feel this way for a while, and suspect we have been violating the laws of physics as they relate to the voice, then it is possible there are deeper issues such as vocal nodules that have developed. Go see an ENT and have a video made of the moving cords.  If there is something like a nodule present, then vocal rehabilitation done through appropriate vocal exercises can heal the issue without surgery. Surgery should only be done as an absolute last resort, or if the issue is something akin to cancer which needs to be removed and possibly treated with chemo or radiation.  

Otherwise, vocal exercises can solve many issues if the exercises are created and applied so as to meet the rehabilitation needs of the student. Of course, this requires the teacher to have an extensive knowledge of functional vocal mechanics as well as this correct work being done consistently and with patience on the part of both student and teacher.  

Allen Rascoe

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