Too Floppy & Let Go OR Too Rigid & Held

Unhealthy sensations would be either floppy and let go or rigid and held.  Both of these feels refer to muscular tension and development.  Of course, the vocal muscles need to have some kind of tension like a piano or guitar string, or there would be no sound created.  Also, the muscles have to be toned and of sufficient strength. If there was too little tension for the pitch and the muscles lack strength, then we would not be able to sing the pitch accurately.  We would have the feel that we let go too much and are floppy with not enough muscular activity. Some results would be that our sound is weak or breathy, not able to be sustained, seemingly lacking energy and life.  An unfortunate attempt to gain direct voluntary control of the voice which leads to over-muscularity can also occur. If our muscles are over-tightened and we have been trying to create sound by pushing and pressing, then we have the feel of being too rigid and held.  Some results would be a sound that is harsh and metallic, a visible strain in the jaw and neck area, and the pitch not being accurate as well as sustaining difficulties due to inhibition of free vibration.

Allen Rascoe

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