Unable To Sing On Pitch

Pitch is everything!  

A song is a series of pitches.  When we are able to sing on pitch, then we are able to sing the song, and the song is recognizable.  When we are not able to sing on pitch, then the song is not as enjoyable to listen to or to sing.

People will fret about being “on pitch” or “in tune” and we have all heard of when we were “off key.”  So, the ability to sing pitches correctly is pretty important.

No worries. Correct training of the vocal muscles is first and foremost about pitch. As the two main muscles responsible for adjusting the vocal cords are strengthened and brought into balance with one another, we are able to sing on pitch without fail.  

When one or the other muscle is less strong or not doing their job or maybe even fighting the other, we have a situation where our voices tend to be either flat or sharp. We can never seem to sing a note clean and accurately. We hover around the pitch but are not able to safely land.

This is where good vocal exercises guided by a teacher are needed.  The vocal muscles can be trained to close and stretch and work together. When this happens, one does not have to push the pitch up. One does not feel like one is falling through a step. Nor does one have to smoosh the voice down.

The vocal cords, properly adjusted for the pitch by the vocal muscles, will naturally respond to the mental command and assume the proper physical shape.  We will feel like we are standing on a flexibly firm step, not too high and not too low. Just right!

Allen Rascoe

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