Do Online Voice Lessons Actually Work?

So, you are wondering if online voice lessons actually work. Remember, the internet is changing the way we live in many ways. Now, information on almost any subject can be found right at our fingertips using computers, iPads or smart phones. More people work from home using their computers eliminating the need to commute and reducing stress levels. From learning new languages to taking singing lessons – it can all be conducted on the World Wide Web.

Do you worry about being “scammed” by profiteers? Are you afraid online voice lessons won’t work, or that you will miss out on some valuable aspects of vocal training by taking singing lessons online? If you are one of those people who are a little unsure when it comes to taking online singing lessons, we hope this article will help you make an informed decision about the value of taking your voice lessons online rather than in the more traditional manner at a school or music studio or in a private home.

1.  What Are Online Voice Lessons?

Online voice lessons are like the more familiar singing lessons except that the teacher and the student are not in the same room together. There are already many options for online singing lessons. From YouTube tutorials to live Skype sessions, you can take advantage of online voice lessons to have a private lesson with your favorite vocal coach. While you and your coach are in different locations, you are still connected by the internet.

If you have a stable internet connection, a web cam and a good microphone, there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of online singing lessons. We are sure you will also find them instructive, gratifying and pleasurable.

2.  The Advantages of Online Voice Lessons

For those of you who are on the fence about the idea of learning singing skills online with a vocal coach, it helps to point out some of the positive features for online voice lessons.

  • Better Choice of Voice Teachers

One of the greatest benefits of using the internet is that you are no longer restricted by geography when searching for a vocal coach online. If you have been dreaming of taking singing lessons with that famous opera teacher from Milan – you now can!

Being able to expand your pool of potential voice teachers allows you to choose from local coaches to master teachers. It also gives you an even greater chance of finding someone who shares your same passion for the music you love to sing, someone who can hone your singing voice in the direction you want to go, and someone who is a great match for your vocal range and style.

  • Saves Time and Energy

Online singing lessons save you both time and energy. Our time is more important to us than ever in this busy and hectic world. By taking lessons online at home, you will save time driving to and from lessons. Traffic congestion in some areas like Los Angeles can add an additional 30-60 minutes driving to and from lessons. Commutes can cause additional stress to our already stress-filled lives.

  • Saves Money

Online lessons take place in the convenience of the vocal coach’s office or home. This makes the online lessons, generally, less expensive than the more traditional music lessons. In addition, students or parents don’t have to worry about spending their hard-earned cash on buying gas and traveling to and from lessons. Saving both time and money means you are more likely to be fully committed to your lessons and less likely to cancel them.

  • Recording Lessons

Being able to record your online singing lessons, is a definite advantage. You can use your recordings to chart your progress and encourage you. You can review these recordings to check if you are practicing correctly and to listen to the invaluable advice from your teacher or coach. Whether you need a sharp reminder about nailing that lip trill, improving your chest voice, or perfecting your ear training, recording and keeping your lessons for future reference is highly beneficial. While most teachers allow students to record face-to-face lessons, few students go to the extra work of making recordings. However, it’s a piece of cake to record your online lessons.

  • Better Warm Ups

Because online vocal lessons take place in your own home, you can use the time it would have taken to commute to your coach’s location to warm up for your online lesson. You will be less stressed and ready to take full advantage of your lessons. Being more prepared and relaxed before your lesson is more likely to yield better results. It isalso less likely to cause frustration which can lead to giving up taking further lessons. It is both difficult and dangerous to warm up while driving to your lesson in a car.

3.  The Drawbacks of Online Voice Lessons

While online voice lessons offer many outstanding advantages, there are some potential drawbacks.

  • Comfort Levels

As a beginner and intermediate singer, you may still feel self-conscious when it comes to your vocal mastery. Living in a shared house, having neighbors close by, or dealing with your family overhearing you, may be upsetting. These types of situations may make you a little too self-aware which could hinder your performance. Of course, singers need to become confident. However, if you are not quite there yet, you may feel more at ease with your vocal coach in a private setting.

  • Distractions

When you take regular singing lessons in your vocal coach’s office or studio, you can be sure that distractions will be kept to a minimum. In your own home, this can be difficult to perfect. Noisy family members, a blaring TV, a barking dog, or even your cell phone can all provide unwanted distractions from your lessons.

  • Technology Dependent

Another important drawback worth noting is that your online singing lessons will be very much dependant on technology. If your technology skills are very limited, if your microphone decides not to work, or if your web cam is on the blink could result in a highly frustrating lesson.

4.  Considerations BEFORE Choosing Online Voice Lessons

Before you decide to take online voice lessons, there are a few basic things to consider when planning your online lessons.

  • Good Equipment

Online voice lessons require a few pieces of basic equipment. If you do not have adequate equipment, you may have to purchase new items.

  1. Internet Connection – Ensure that you have a fast internet connection. Because online lessons are dependent on technology, it is pertinent to maintain a strong, stable connection.
  2. Computer Microphone – In order for your vocal coach to hear all aspects of your singing voice, a clear and effective microphone is a prerequisite. If you don’t have a good microphone that connects with your computer, you will need to invest in better one. It’s vital that you and your vocal coach can hear each other distinctly.
  3. Web Camera – If your lessons allow for visualization, a web cam that provides sharp, well-defined visuals can lead to more enjoyable and successful lessons
    Sub-standard sound and video equipment, as well as a slow internet connection, may result in turning your online lessons into a disaster.
  • Conducive Home Environment

To get the most out of your online voice lessons, you need to have a space in your home where you can be undisturbed while you are taking your lessons. Distractions should be kept to minimum during your practices, as well. Noisy family members, a blaring TV, your cell phone, a barking dog – all these can provide unwanted distractions from your lessons.

  • Personal Preference

As today’s world is becoming more and more digitalized, we find ourselves doing almost everything online. We order new towels, pay bills, change the color of our lightbulbs, and work from home. Most of us have become comfortable with our computers, iPads or smart phones. If you are one of these people, you will probably enjoy online lessons.

However, if you choose not to use a computer or smart phone or if you become overly frustrated every time you turn your computer on, you may prefer the more traditional approach of going to your teacher’s home or studio for your music lessons. What matters most is your being successful whichever kind of lesson you choose to take.

  • Group or Private Lessons

Online singing lessons can offer a variety of skills and programs. Generally, online lessons involve the music coach and one student. However, if cost is a major concern, you might want to consider group music lessons.

  1. Group Voice Lessons Allow For:
    *  Cheaper Lessons – Group lessons, generally, provide the opportunity to split the cost of a lesson with other students, making it a more budget-conscious choice.
    *  Friends – Groups give you the chance to have camaraderie with other people interested in the same thing. However, because there are other students listening, you will need to feel comfortable singing in front of others. If you don’t, don’t worry. Your coach will work with you. Since you are training to be a singer, it’s never too early to get comfortable with this.
    * Group Lesson Plans and Group Progress – With group singing lessons, you may find that the approach can be a little more generic and less tailored to suit your individual skills. This can be frustrating if you feel you are moving at a quicker or slower learning pace than the other students.
    *  Learning from Others – You can gain many benefits from listening to other singers in your lesson and the advice that your vocal coach gives them.                                                   
    *  Feedback – In working with a group, your vocal coach may not always have as much time to give individual feedback to each member of the group, unlike private lessons.

5. Do I Have to Pay For Online Voice Lessons?

With all the music videos, informative articles, and blogs available on the web, do you really need to pay for online voice lessons. Surely all the information and tips you need to succeed are right there on YouTube, right? Wrong. While the internet is brimming with brilliant videos, tips and techniques to improve your vocal range and singing voice, you don’t get the whole story.

Singing well is about so much more than just what these teaser videos can offer. With an online singing course, you will learn specific advice tailored to you, your needs and your goals. You will learn about how to embrace good vocal health, how to use your whole body to complement your singing, and how to take advantage of the proper techniques to bring out the very best in your voice.

In addition, almost anyone can post a video on YouTube. Because a singer’s most valuable asset is their voice, you need to carefully choose what advice to follow. Just like it’s not a good idea to self-diagnose a serious illness by googling medical websites rather than seeing a doctor, it’s not wise to train yourself to sing without the assistance of a competent vocal coach. Misinformation can have a negative impact on your life. Don’t waste your time and energy with poor training techniques. Remember the motto, “You get what you pay for.”

6. Accessing the Best Online Voice Lessons

When looking for the right vocal coach, the same rules should apply for online lessons as would for finding a more traditional, face-to-face teacher. The beauty about choosing online voice lessons is that the world becomes your oyster. You can choose from thousands of teachers anywhere in the world without being confined by location.

      • Do Your Research

One of the best ways of finding a great vocal coach or series of online singing lessons is to see what the music world is saying about these things. Spend a couple of hours researching which schools, teachers and programs are delivering the best services. Look on forums, ask questions, read reviews and make notes so you can compare what each vocal coach can offer.

     • Consider Teaching Techniques

You want to find a teaching technique that works for you. Think ahead of time about things that you want clarified and jot them down. When you meet with your potential coach, ask questions about the program and be clear about your goals. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
      Do I need to learn music theory as well?
      Are any special equipment/books/music required for the lessons?
      How is the lesson conducted – with video streaming or solely with a microphone?
       Does your potential vocal coach offer a sample session so you can better determine if you this is the coach/program for you?

All these things are worth considering when looking for online music lessons.

7. A Final Word About Online Voice Lessons

Knowing the advantages of online lessons can help you make the decision as to whether to try online voice lessons or to stick with regular lessons. Because of all the benefits of online lessons, you might want to give them a try. You can always switch back to more traditional lessons if you are not satisfied. However, as our world becomes more and more digitalized, there is no reason for online singing lessons to fall short.

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