Basement/Foundation: What Your Voice is Built On

One of the fundamentals of singing is becoming comfortable in our vocal basement. This is the area where there is the foundation on which the rest of the vocal house is built. The vocal basement can be part of a helpful analogy to describing how the voice works.

When we are singing at the bottom of our vocal range, if all is correct, then the closer muscle is very active. The cords are thick, and we might even feel certain vibrations in our chest (hence, “chest voice”). Of course, since this is the foundation of our voice, then we know that it is absolutely essential to have our “basement” built well with no leaks in the walls. Plus, the stairs going up into the first floor need to be solid and not falling apart so that we can safely go from one floor to the other. Also, since it is quite a bit cooler down in the basement (think about less energy), then we do not live down there. We visit the basement of our vocal home, and then leave!  

Allen Rascoe

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