Sing Lower – Walk Down the Steps

One of the fundamentals of singing is learning how to sing lower. Of course, as we do so we certainly do not want to feel like we are stomping down the steps. We don’t want to be grinding out the low notes, or swallowing them.

Controlling pitch is paramount for any singer. If the stretcher muscle is contracting less, meaning that the cords are returning from the state of being thinned and lengthened, and the closer muscle is keeping the cords closed according to the specific pitch and volume, then there is a thickening of the vocal cord mass. In others words, as the cords are properly adjusted when we sing lower, there is more length, width, and depth vibrating to produce the pitches at the bottom. If all works well, this process is automatic and therefore we don’t pay much attention.   

But it’s heavily advised to be aware of the sensations and sounds associated with the proper muscular function. So, as we descend the scale it will feel like we are stepping down a staircase. The lower notes becoming shorter, heavier, thicker, bigger, and sometimes a bit less energetic.

Allen Rascoe

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