“Chest Voice Is For Boys”

A common myth is that only men have a chest voice, or that women should not use this voice because it is “manly” with a rawness and power that is unseemly.  

Well, at least this used to be a common myth, but in the current climate of popular music this actually may not be the case. So, now it might be more acceptable for women to sing in chest.  This is good news because the chest voice is not something for just guys, but is for ladies as well.

All people have a chest voice because all people have a closer muscle (arytenoid). This muscle is responsible for working to do its job of closing the cords and offering an anchor to the stretcher muscle, so our larynx doesn’t go flying up and away.  When this muscle is working on its own or in some kind of dominant coordination with the crico-thyroid muscle system, then we hear a texture of sound many call “chest voice.” It is the feel at the bottom of our voice that is heavier and maybe a bit rough and gruff at first. This voice gives us power, volume, and stability. All people have this voice because all people have an arytenoid muscle system.  

Chest voice is half our voice, and should be cultivated along with the falsetto voice so we can sing ever more freely and fully.

Allen Rascoe

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