“Training Changes My Sound”

A common myth that floats around is that training changes a person’s sound.  The real answer is both Yes and No!

Yes, it changes our sound:  vocal training does change our sound in that it develops and coordinates our vocal muscles so that our natural sound is more revealed with the bonus that we are able to sing with more freedom.  

No, it does not change our sound:  vocal training is like going to the gym.  If we want to stay lean yet strong then we do certain exercises utilizing low weight and more repetitions.  If we want to bulk up then we do certain exercises utilizing higher weight and less repetitions.

So, the training can be specific to the person and geared towards certain musical goals; allowing sounds that will be natural to the person as well as healthy!

Allen Rascoe

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Allen Rascoe Allen has been enjoying singing since he was a little kid. He officially studied voice at ECU and USC. However, he ran... Read More