Lack of Energy

A common vocal issue is when “energy” seems to be lacking.  

There are two basic ways this plays out.

One way is that the singer just does not feel very energetic or does not know how to become energetic.  To be sure, there are individuals who are more low-key or chill, and others who are bouncing around the room. Yet, for those who are chill, there are ways to learn how to gather up this feeling of “energy” when one needs to, so that the voice and ultimately the song, come to life.  When certain vocal exercises are done that require one to move more quickly, both singing the pitches and breathing in a bouncier rhythm, then we learn over a period of time how to move in this more excited manner. This will require more energy. The body as well as the subconscious mind understand how to gather up this energy and focus it on the task at hand as they are challenged to do so.  Then, we feel the results and our conscious mind becomes able to give this energetic command. The body jumps to it with the subconscious controlling all the countless little details needed to accomplish this more energetic movement.

The other way that energy can be lacking is that the person has a lot of energy, they are bouncing around the room, and yet when they go to apply this energy something misfires and goes awry.  Imagine going to a gym and getting ready to workout. We have just drank 12 cups of coffee and are wired. We squat down and are ready to lift that 200 pound weight. Well, if our muscles are not ready to do so, then the energy is just wasted as we strain and grunt. The voice is similar. We may have lots of energy. If it is not able to be used however due to muscles that are not strong enough or maybe the muscles are not working properly, then it is wasted.  

Yet, when the vocal muscles do their right jobs and are in right relationship with one another, when our minds are able to give a proper command and step out of the way to let the body do what it has been healthily trained to do, energy is not wasted but is able to be put to good use!

Allen Rascoe

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