Attitude of Unknowing

A positive attitude is good.  This is an attitude of learning that stays involved in the process of consistent correct vocal work.  Some folks though have an attitude of unknowing. What?

Well, this is basically when our assessment of our vocal abilities do not align with actual fact.  We may not know we are off pitch or singing behind the beat or that the vowel is distorted. Out of that unknowing, we may have a sense that we are at a higher level of vocalism than we actually are.  Of course, some singers do develop an unsightly arrogance, but others are just trying their best and really do not know that something is not quite right.

Sometimes, staying in this place of unknowing can continue for a long while.  Usually there comes a point where there is an undeniable vocal issue felt by the singer or there is a failed audition or someone makes a comment on the state of the voice.

Yes, at first this kind of meeting with reality can seem overwhelming.  One might want to shut down and not really sing anymore, or one might ignore the truth and keep on singing in a manner that is not functionally healthy.

Yet, this moment of meeting with the truth can be an amazing moment of possibility! When one knows that one is on the wrong path, then one can be guided along the correct path of healthy vocalism.  The result being that as one improves the intent will match up with the result – beautiful singing that is in tune, on time, and free of distortions!

Allen Rascoe

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