“Making Resonance Goulash”

A common vocal myth surrounds the idea of vocal resonance.  Folks speak of nasal resonance, chest resonance, bone resonance, mask resonance, and all of this with the notion that one can make resonance; going so far as to have a person sing into a machine measuring formants and frequencies with them trying to sing in such a way as to make certain frequencies “ring.”  By the way, singing into the machine can be kinda fun and informative but is of questionable use as far as a prescriptive means for training the voice is concerned. All of this “making resonance” is mechanistic with the focus being misplaced. Rather, let us understand that resonance is a resounding of the initial vocal tone, and that resonance cannot be made or produced.  Then, we are on the path of “allowing” resonance to develop as a byproduct of healthy muscle function, proper air movement, and the correct size and shape of vowel requisite to the pitch. Focus on registrational cause and resonance will appear as a result!

Allen Rascoe

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