Negative Attitude

Stinkin’ thinkin’!  This is a phrase that I have heard before.  Have you?

This phrase is all about a negative attitude.  A negative attitude can arise from painful experiences from the past, especially as relates to singing.  There might be thoughts that run through our heads like, “I’ll never get it right” or “I just can’t do it” or “I suck.”  If this attitude is pervasive and fatalistic, then it is hard to even muster up enough energy to try. What is the point if all that one does is to fail all the time.  If we truly believe we are never gonna get it, then we will probably just give up and live into a self-fulfilling prophecy of vocal sadness.

So, the solution to singing issues would just be to think happy thoughts?  

Well, not quite. Maybe a person is able to have nice thoughts like “Yes, I am an awesome singer,” but that still does not guarantee vocal success. If the vocal muscles are not working properly, then just thinking happy thoughts is not going to fix very real physical problems.  

The physical issue must be dealt with, and what can help us do so with hope of progress is when we are able to have a positive mental outlook. We understand that we are going in the right direction. We are learning. We will make some seriously weird sounds. We will have some not so good vocal tryings.  We will have quite a few failed attempts. Yet, with a positive outlook, we relax. We are in the process, and do not judge ourselves harshly. We are learning!

What we do is to pay attention to what we are feeling as we exercise. We take the small steps in the right direction that add up to leaps in ability.  For, as our muscles work better, then we get a better feel. As we get a better feel, then a better quality shows up.

The moral of the story is that doing correct physical vocal work consistently with a positive mental attitude of learning, exploration, and adventure will over time assure us a singing voice that we can accept in gratitude!

Allen Rascoe

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