“Projecting the Voice”

A common myth concerns the manner of, and focus on, projecting the voice.  

One does not project from the diaphragm nor from the chest cavity nor from the nasal “mask.”  All of this physical activity plays a role in the voice being projected, but projection is not something that one does by accessing a certain localized area.  

Projection happens as a byproduct of functional freedom:

  1. the registration sets us up for the cords to meet requirements of pitch,
  2. the oro-pharynx automatically adjusts the size and shape of vowel to match the registrational adjustment, and
  3. the air is moving through the cords at a rate of speed determined by the glottal slit.  

When 1, 2, and 3 are happening well, we get resonance as a bonus due to all being in sync. It is this resounding that causes the voice to be projected without us having to do anything but focus on the essentials of registration, vowel, and moving air.

Projection takes care of itself without any extra energy expenditure!

Allen Rascoe

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