Pure Falsetto

Pure Falsetto has these characteristics:

  1. breathy,
  2. lacking in tonal vitality,
  3. duration of 2-3 seconds,
  4. technically can be only one note at a time, and
  5. only on the [oo] vowel.  

Once one starts being able to change pitches and use a vowel other than [oo], then there is coordination with the arytenoid system.

Further, due to the crico-thyroid muscle system being close to and “friends” with the muscles of swallowing, the falsetto has a tendency to constrict and must be taught to function without engaging swallowing muscles.  This is done by allowing and encouraging excessive air flow for a limited time. This breathy or pure falsetto exercised in conjunction with chest voice begins to transform into a falsetto that is singable.

Allen Rascoe

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