Singing With Limited Volume | Weak Vocal Muscles

Another vocal issue related to volume is when a singer is unable to sing louder. The tone seems to be weaker and more quiet when singing with limited volume. A singer tries to give the voice energy, and yet there is not much return on this energy investment. Why? Well, there can be many reasons.

One reason could be related to the strength of the vocal muscles. If the muscles have not been strengthened appropriately and taught to be friends with one another, then the voice sometimes cannot get louder because the muscles “give out” and simply let go. And, even if you could get louder, at some point the voice gets “blown out” and one might lose their voice (hoarse/scratchy/raspy).

Another reason is that when the vocal muscles do not work properly, then they waste energy. In other words, this is like a window unit air conditioner versus a high efficiency cooling unit. The high efficiency unit is so efficient that it does the job of cooling the entire house while using very little electrical energy. In contrast, the rusty window unit barely cools a room, and uses much more electrical energy. So, when the vocal muscles are working real well, then they are real efficient at using energy. That means that you are not wasting all your energy, huffing and puffing and trying so hard and not getting anywhere. Rather, you find that you are able to do much less and get much more. Your voice becomes amplified without you pushing or pressing. Not only are you able to sing with increased volume easier, but you are also able to choose to sing softly with much beauty.

Allen Rascoe

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