Your Vocal Home – Bird’s Eye View

One of the fundamentals of singing is being able to understand how your voice works. To do so, we need a conceptual framework that makes sense of all the pieces. Your vocal home. Let us then take a step back and look at the “voice” as a whole. A helpful analogy, though not the only one, is of a house.

One can think of your entire voice as your vocal house. The basement or foundation of your vocal house is like your “chest voice”, the lowest notes. The first floor is like your “full voice” or what some call middle voice, which is to say that there is coordination between our 2 main muscle systems that give us this unique texture of sound that is neither “chest” nor “falsetto”. The second floor is like the upper part of your “full voice” or what some call head voice, which is to say that the coordination experienced in the first floor continues ever more precisely into the second floor. The attic is like your “falsetto voice”.

Now, this is just an analogy, and so it cannot be a total and absolutely accurate explanation of the voice. But it can help you begin to think about the voice in a certain framework that makes sense. As we begin to explore your vocal home we can discover how you walk up and down the “steps” and traverse from one floor to another.

Allen Rascoe

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